Effective Teamwork (Go Team!)

What is it?

Our teamwork programs are designed to develop the student’s ability to work effectively in teams, communicate with greater effectiveness and solve problems in a group setting. Through the use of Experiential Learning exercises and discussion, students are immersed in challenges and, with the guidance of experienced facilitators, apply the lessons to their personal, academic and social lives.

The teamwork programs cultivate empathy, respect and responsibility, open mindedness, and intercultural understanding.

Modules  and Content:

Working with Diversity

  •           Strategies for working in diverse teams and individuals from diverse backgrounds
  •           Using the skills and contribution of team members
  •           Recognising the challenges of cultural diversity
  •           Identifying language or cultural misunderstanding

Effective Communication

  •           Communication Styles
  •           Giving and Receiving Feedback

Goals & Roles

  •           Establishing shared goals
  •           Types of roles in a group or team
  •           Understanding how success differs between people

Collaboration and Innovation/Problem Solving

  •           Decision Making
  •           Working Collaboratively
  •           Group Problem Solving
  •           Breakthrough Thinking


Literacy and numeracy and career planning skills are essential to help prepare young people for the transition to work or further education. In addition, young people need a broad range of social skills, coping and problem solving strategies that are tied to a sense of optimism and positive self-esteem. (Knight, 2007).

Knight, C. (2007). A resilience framework: Perspectives for educators. Health Education, 107(6), 543–555.