What is it?
The trading game is a high energy, interactive activity and a team building classic. It examines the dynamics of trust within a team - what creates it and what undermines it? It asks “How does our perception of trust allow us to compete or collaborate with our team members?”

How does it work?
Teams come together to trade through 10 rounds. Roles are assigned in each team and they decide upon their own strategy, how they will make decisions and how they will trade with other teams. Their decisions have a direct influence on others and vice versa, and participants quickly discover the impact of their actions. Negotiations and deals are done,  some teams make money, others lose. It’s fast, highly engaging and there are some key messages that become very clear. This activity is about a lot of things including:
  • Competition v. Cooperation
  • Compliance and Credibility
  • Joint gains and the meaning of ‘success’
  • But most of all it is about TRUST

Duration: 45 minutes to an hour and a half
Able to be run in almost any location, usually indoors
Who should participate? Very scalable and perfect for groups of 6 to 500, looking for a fun conference activity or developmental program.

"True North Learning integrated our requirements perfectly into the programs chosen. The outcomes achieved set the scene for the very challenging workshop we were about to commence and certainly assisted us in attaining the results gained." 
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