Discover a rich resource for teambuilding with this powerful, fun and engaging experience! This fast-paced simulation engages teams in a journey to mine gold in the American Southwest.  It's a fun way for participants to learn about issues of communications, resource management, and team dynamics common to the workplace.  In the debriefing, team behaviors are linked to opportunities to improve collaboration, leadership, quality, strategy, and communications critical to optimising organisational results. 
Participative, engaging and interactive, the Dutchman's experience makes for an exceptional Experiential Learning environment in a high impact and memorable way.
Search for the Lost Dutchman's Gold mine
Teams receive a detailed map, resource cards, hats, bandannas and information about their undertaking. Groups have a small amount of time to organise into effective teams, putting together a plan of action with minimal resources. They choose roles, analyse possibilities and make commitments. Mistakes are seen as costly and risks must be analysed as the project ahead is planned. No time for distractions!  Confusion reigns! 
Teams must choose between different routes, each with unknown risks, changing conditions, and unique resource demands! Every team is successful, but some mine more than twice as much as  the others. A good strategic plan has many benefits and
collaboration is key. 
The exercise focuses on organising, goal 
setting, and resource and information sharing. The teams learn that nothing is gained from competition or haste! But teams tend to compete much more than they collaborate. Ineffective systems and processes minimise payoffs and allow a variety of factors to get in the way of optimising results.
When debriefing, these, and many other issues are related to the workplace.  The teams may discuss how their Dutchman experience parallels their need for leadership, clear missions and visions, and the issues of teamwork and collaboration.
Features include:
  • Accommodates groups of 6 to 500 people
  • Allows for low-reading levels or language concerns
  • Highlights collaboration, not competition
  • Clearly demonstrates effective team dynamics
  • Measured results link to real performance
Applications include:
  • Leadership training and development
  • Project Management and Strategic Planning
  • Focuses on inter-table collaboration, communications, planning and/or competition.
  • Personality / Thinking Styles Training - it's easy to link MBTI, TMS, DISC and other instruments right into the delivery.
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Realigning missions and visions to goals
  • Quality - TQM, and service quality improvement
"Thanks again for a wonderful time yesterday. It went really well and Craig did a great job getting the team to think about what we were doing and learn from it. I was very happy with the debrief. It's one of the best examples of translating the "game" back to the work place." Radisson Resort, Gold Coast 
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