The more knowledge you have about the people and their styles, the greater your own success will be.
The purpose of Know Yourself, Know Your Team is to increase your team's performance by proactively dealing with challenges faced by individuals within the workplace by learning the preferred team role dimensions and behavioural tendencies.
Know Yourself Know Your Team is an interactive session in which your team will appreciate the different styles, strengths and preferred roles that people play as part of the team.
The session will strengthen members understanding of how to bring out the best in others and be more flexible in responding to their needs. The session will:
  • Enhance your accuracy of perceptions in order to become a better observer of people and to know what is required in the development of the team.
  • Increase knowledge of individual styles, therefore contributing to an easier understanding of behaviours which might otherwise totally mystify and cause conflict.
  • Increase individual adaptability skills through having a higher level of tolerance for other people with different styles.
  • Introduces team members to the Behavioral Team Based Personality Profile, and the interpersonal strengths and challenges of the individual within the workplace.
  • Highlight that building an effective team requires developing a deeper understanding of the talents and needs of your group members, therefore enabling for more flexibility and responsiveness to other members.
  • Increase the effectiveness of leadership, communication, sales, strategic decision making etc by a greater understanding of individual styles and tendencies.
 "Brian raved about the day, he was extremely happy with how everything went. Brian said at one stage even Errol was tearing up a bit - I heard that things got quite emotional at one point - it sounds like objectives were met all way round." MMT

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