Training High-end Innovation & Natural Creativity (THINC)

“Training High-end Innovation & Natural Creativity (THINC)” is part of True North Learning’s suite of programs that are designed to help any organisation operate as a High-Performing Workplace (HPW).

WANTED: Ideas to make us stronger.
Ever felt like hanging that sign at the entrance to your offices? “To succeed, you must be innovative” is the mantra in the face of growing pressure to achieve more with less. Delivering on it is not so easy. Everyone acknowledges that “our people are our best asset” but how can you really take advantage of the “ideas factories” sitting within your own operations? True North Learning has gone to the heart of the problem with our THINC program, teaching  managers and teams how to start drilling for innovation gold.

What you get:

“Ordinary people can find their creative side. If you lock into your own creative juices, you can become a better leader. Creativity can be as simple as new ways for old situations.” – Idris Mootee, CEO Idea Couture Inc.

“Training High-end Innovation & Natural Creativity (THINC)” is a series of four one-day workshops .It includes two half day follow up workshops and ongoing online and on-the-ground support for up to four months
The purpose is to create teams that are not only adept at change and innovation, but have an appetite for it.
We provide you with the skills to seek out, acknowledge and implement different and more effective ways of doing business in line with organisational goals, building capacity and willingness to share knowledge across business units.

We do this by building the innovative and collaborative potential within individuals and teams so they can:
• Do more with less.
• Actively support and engage with ingenuity.
• Look at old challenges from a new angle.


How it works:

Core among today’s business and government environments is innovation – the lifeblood of sustainability. THINC covers 4 key areas that support innovation for success, creativity and knowledge sharing:

1. Team Thinking
• How to establish and communicate a clear strategy
• Being able to think and plan for the long term, while  achieving short term organisational goals
• Improving the EQ of team members
2. Effective teamwork and communication.
• Flexible and agile leadership to cope with change
• Improving team member’s ability to notice and frame the status quo, minimising the “stuck in a rut” syndrome.
• Managed processes for sharing information, knowledge and expertise
3. Experimentation, practice and assessment.
• How to recognise and respond to opportunities and threats as they arise
• Supporting experimentation and “out of the box” ideas
• Observation and feedback as part of a learning process
4. Building innovative strategies.
• The movement from separate teams into integrated and interdependent teams
• Responding creatively when problems arise and finding alternative solutions
• Operating culture that meets  internal and external demands
• Ensuring on-going organisational learning from experience

Costs quoted for the THINC program are for:
  • Baseline measurement of the core challenges impacting on the team, using best-practice individual and team tools.
  • Four one-day team workshops (minimum 15, maximum 25 participants, including one or more line managers).
  • Two half-day follow up workshops
  • Online support and training tools.
  • Regular reporting and feedback to participants, managers and the Executive.
  • Analysis, final reporting and recommendations. 
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