Supercharge Our Superstars (SOS)

“Supercharge Our Superstars (SOS)” is part of True North Learning’s suite of programs that are designed to help any organisation operate as a High-Performing Workplace (HPW).
Everyone wants them, entrepreneurial or highly competitive organisations need them. So how do you draw on their strengths to generate or maintain a High-Performing Workplace? More importantly, how do you keep them? We’re talking about those Executives and high-potential managers capable of driving your operations to new heights. With leadership training identified as one of the most successful staff retention strategies today, the Experiential Learning experts at True North Learning have put together a package that will supercharge your superstars.

What you get:

 “Supercharge Our Superstars (SOS)” is a 5 day residential Leadership Development program at a 5 Star location.  It also includes eight one-hour one-on-one Executive Leadership coaching sessions and online support and training tools.
Supercharge our superstars takes your most valued and high-potential leaders out of their regular environment for an Experiential Learning experience that will catapult their leadership skills to the next level by introducing them
 to the new paradigm of Facilitative Leadership.

Participants will be challenged to grapple with the complexities of leadership, teamwork and strategy in ways that have immediate benefits.

THEY WILL GET: New challenges, enhanced skills and mental stimulation that will put them ahead of the pack in leadership skills. Plus, they receive ongoing support and coaching for a period of one year.

YOU WILL GET: A supercharged executive or manager who will help you deliver and maintain a High-Performing Workplace A high-performing executive or manager who is committed to remaining with your organisation due to an ongoing program that is building his / her skills.

How it works:

Our Executive programs are cutting edge and deliver solutions that meet today’s business needs in the face of critical skills shortages and increasing pressure on leaders to drive their teams to new heights.
We have developed activities and simulations, underpinned by world-class measurement and reporting tools, that build skills, identify growth opportunities and highlight performance gaps.

Facilitative Leadership increases leadership effectiveness and organisational outcomes by:

• Facilitating “buy-in” from team members rather than enforcing it.
• Making space for all voices and opinions –and even encouraging those that disagree.
• Enabling leaders to grapple with complex problems until the solutions occur, rather than finding a solution simply to relieve the tension of the unknown.
• Facilitating the multiple (and sometimes competing) demands of various stakeholders.
• Creating safety and loyalty within a team by noticing and framing team and interpersonal dynamics.
• Supporting creativity and innovation by asking better questions, advocating refection and adapting current strategies.
During the “Supercharge Our Superstars” program we deliver:
  • Baseline skills audit of all participants using best-practice measurement and reporting tools.
  • Five-day, 5 Star residential program including Experiential Learning activities.
  • Maximum six participants per learning team, with an Executive Coach assigned to each team for the entire program.
  • Eight one-hour one-on-one Executive Leadership coaching sessions for each participant
  • Online support and training tools.
  • Regular reporting and feedback to participants, managers and the Executive.
  • Analysis and final reporting.

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