Beating Obstructive Behaviours (BOB)

“Beating Obstructive Behaviours (BOB)” is part of True North Learning’s suite of programs that are designed to help any organisation operate as a High-Performing Workplace (HPW).
Do you have a BOB in your team? One (or more) of those negative employees with a bad attitude and a commitment to do as little as possible, all the while adversely influencing those around them? At True North Learning we have a training package that not only brings your BOBs on board but builds team capabilities around problem-solving and grows operational productivity.

What you get:

“Beating Obstructive Behaviours (BOB)” is a series of four one day workshops. It also includes one-on-one coaching for nominated team members and managers.

The purpose of BOB is to develop the leadership, team and personal skills that are needed to get the best out of everyone – including any BOBs that may be lurking. This is not a “quick fix” but a structured program with measurable short- and long-term outcomes.

Scientists have for years explored the impact of positive-to-negative interaction ratios in our work and personal lives. They have found that the so-called “Magic Ratio” identified by noted psychologist John Gottman can be used to predict - with remarkable accuracy - everything from workplace performance to divorce.

FACT: For every negative employee in your team five positive team members are needed to provide a counter-balance .

FACT: Qualified, motivated employees tend not to stay around negative working environments. They have choices – unlike BOB – and they can, and will, move on … unless you do something about BOB now.

FACT: BOB is planning to stay for the long haul and s/he will not change – unless you create an environment that causes and maintains that transformation.

What, or who, is BOB costing your organisation? How is BOB impacting on YOUR management?
Build leadership and empower teams to take on BOB and make positive prevail over negative.


How it works:

The BOB program addresses the areas that allow negative behaviours to proliferate. Building a high performance culture where accountability and ownership are the norm, means the team culture itself works to manage BOB’s negativity and under performance. One-on-one executive coaching for BOB and his/her manager addresses performance gaps that mean those behaviours that don’t serve the organisation and its outcomes get addressed. 
Over the four months of the program we take the line management and his / her team on a personal journey that will build morale, provide skills to deal with negativity and enhance productivity.

Within the BOB package we deliver:
  • Baseline measurement of the core issues impacting on the team, using best-practice individual and team tools.
    Four one-day team workshops (minimum 10, maximum 20 participants).
  • Total of 10 one-hour one-on-one coaching sessions for nominated team members*.
  • Four two-hour leadership coaching sessions.
  • Online support and training tools.
  • Regular reporting and feedback to participants, managers and the Executive.
  • Analysis, final reporting and recommendation.

* Coaching candidates to be identified by the True North Learning Experiential Learning practitioners in consultation with management. It may be that one or more team members require multiple sessions. Total sessions provided within the BOB package is 10 for team members and four for manager/s. Additional coaching sessions provided on request.


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