Fourth Dimension in Project Management (4dPM)

“Fourth Dimension in Project Management (4dPM)” is part of True North Learning’s suite of programs that are designed to help any organisation operate as a High-Performing Workplace (HPW).

Project Management is a specialised form of leadership, and one in demand. Its very nature presents a distinct set of challenges – under-scoping, changing requirements and resources, multiple outcomes, working in silos, stakeholder buy-in, team motivation etc. Traditionally, the training in skill sets required has focused on three key dimensions-Time, Scope and Budget. A fourth dimension in skills is exactly what can tip the balance between success and failure of a project. True North Learning, leader in Experiential Learning, has developed the Fourth Dimension in PM: People & Change Management.

What you get:

“Fourth Dimension in Project Management (4dPM)” is a series of five one-day group workshops. It is backed up by a one-on-one coaching session for each participant, online support tools and two half-day follow-through workshops.
The purpose of 4dPM is to up-skill and train project managers in the management of people, their behaviours and change.

To replicate the complex nature of project management, aspects of multiple learning streams are included in each workshop. In this way we build the capacity of the Project Manager to be effective, strategise, react and plan across the various aspects of the Fourth Dimension of Project Management.

Delivery is flexible and can be designed for a single organisation or provided to individual professional Project Managers. Suitable for both highly experienced and emerging Project Managers.

How it works:

Research undertaken by True North Learning has identified that the underlying issues causing a lack of effectiveness in project management outcomes are rarely due to shortfalls in the traditional technical areas of Time, Scope and Budget. Most often it is related to a Project Manager’s ability to effectively manage his or her behaviours and those of his / her team in such a way as to create links within that group, with stakeholders and with “late arrivals” to the project. Effective management of this key area sits at the heart of the Fourth Dimension of Project Management. The 4dPM program addresses key processes that support people and change management in PM as follows:
Linking skills:
• People to tasks and accountabilities.
• Leadership to project purpose and organisational goals.
• Leadership and personal behavioural patterns.
High-level communication skills:
• Successful communications under pressure.
• Motivation and support.
• Recognition and engagement with diversity of styles.
Interdependence skills:
• Anticipate and respond positively to change.
• Manage the inter-dependence of task functions and the need to build relationships across working teams
• Observation and feedback.
Structure and change management skills:
• Create ongoing organisational learning.
• Influencing skills - team and organisational.
• Appropriate change-oriented actions.
• Celebrate milestones and achievements.
Within the 4dPM package we deliver:
  • Baseline measurement of the core issues, using best-practice tools.
  • Five one-day team workshops (delivery flexible if organisational training program).
  • Two follow-up half-day workshops one and two months after the five one-day workshops.
  • A one-hour coaching session for each participant.
  • Online support and training tools.
  • Regular reporting and feedback to participants, managers and the Executive.
  • Analysis, final reporting and recommendations.

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