What is Organisational Health?

Organisational Health is the ability for organisations to outperform their competitors in short-term performance based measurements whilst adding to, rather than detracting from the long term viability of the organisation.

In short, healthy organisations perform at a consistently high level because the cost to the organisation (not just in dollars) to achieve a particular outcome, is significantly less than the benefit of the outcome itself. This is because the strategic and philosophical approach they deploy to achieve these outcomes is so adaptive, efficient and aligned.

Healthy Organisations utilise a particular philosophical and thinking approach to business that views challenges as symptoms and develops efficient, effective, holistic and sustainable solutions to these challenges.

At True North Learning, we have found that the vast majority of organisational challenges arise from the lack of capability and capacity in just eight key elements. These elements are what we consider to be the Eight Pillars of Organisational Health. By building capacity and capability in these eight pillars, organisations not only develop long-term solutions to current challenges, but also generate a preventative approach to problems that are yet to manifest.

These pillars are:

Pillar 1: Being a learning-oriented organisaton

Pillar 2: Continually illuminating and aligning to the purpose of the organisation

Pillar 3 : Having a clear, explicit and integrated strategy

Pillar 4: Having leadership that is aligned to their role and process-driven

Pillar 5: Being able to communicate about vital aspects of organisational effectiveness using the 5 Cs of  
             healthy communication

Pillar 6: A culture of shared accountability

Pillar 7: Being able to think systemically and holistically, thereby reducing politics, territorialism and healthy

Pillar 8: Personal health, vitality and well-being

True North Learning uses experiential and interactive training to build capacity and capability in these eight pillars. We specialise in creating customised programs that identify performance gaps within teams and organisations and generate problem-solving strategies around these.
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