Leadership Development and Management Training

True North Learning is a proven practitioner in building leadership and management effectiveness.
Experiential Learning methodologies sit at the core of our programs – part of the Behavioural Sciences evolution that is driving excellence in business – and through them we develop leaders and transform teams.
Programs are customised to align with your organisation’s goals and objectives and build capacity within management.

True North Learning Director Dr Errol Amerasekera on Leadership


Leadership Development

True North Learning believes the function of Leadership is to win the hearts and minds of the people they lead and unify them towards the goals and purpose of the organisation or team. We have found that effective leaders have the ability to lead a task, rather than get distracted by the doing of the task. They have an unquenchable desire for knowledge and learning and are very adept at keeping their eyes on the bigger picture. They also have a natural inclination to focus on the process of a task, rather than only its technical elements.

Management Training

Highly skilled managers do three things well: they manage their team; work to increase the effectiveness of individuals; and, ensure the task is completed to the required standards. They are skilled at managing and facilitating multiple and sometimes conflicting outcomes and have a strong focus of being effective and making maximum use out of (sometimes) limited resources.

Our Programs:

Our programs use Experiential Learning methodologies to provide customised, in-house training with the purpose of developing leadership and training management effectiveness within your organisation. Our programs are outcome based and solution focused. They identify what leaders are already doing well and explore how to leverage those aspects. They also identify performance gaps and work with leaders and managers to bridge those aspects of their practice that are less effective.
At True North Learning, we know that while part of successful leadership and effective management is about building knowledge and skills, an important aspect is the development of sound judgement.
When it comes to their personal development, today’s business leaders reject the concept of formal, classroom-style programs as being the most effective. In contrast, real-life situations such as challenging assignments or tasks, the formation of relationships with others and the practical experience of hardships - both professional and personal - are seen to be more valuable in developing effective leadership skills and mindsets.*
Through True North Learning’s delivery of best-practice Experiential Learning, we can create “real-life” work environments and situations in which participants are able to learn and practice new, effective skill sets without adversely impacting business outcomes

Our programs embed these behaviours into ongoing work and leadership patterns, and enable your managers and executives to grow in a measurable and supported environment.

 *Douglas, C. (2003). Key events and lessons for managers in a diverse workforce. Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative Leadership.
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