Healthy Leadership

True North Learning’s Healthy Leadership programs focus on building the capacity of leaders to create efficiency within the organisations and teams that they lead.

Healthy Leadership is the ability is to win the hearts and minds of the people they lead and unify them towards the goals and purpose of the organisation or team. We have found that effective leaders have the ability to lead a task, rather than get distracted by the doing of the task. They have an unquenchable desire for knowledge and learning and are very adept at keeping their eyes on the bigger picture. They also have a natural inclination to focus on the process of a task, rather than only its technical elements.
Healthy Leadership is also seeing organisational challenges or under-performance as a symptom of a lack of capacity in one or (usually) more of the Eight Pillars of Organisational Health. They are able to "diagnose" where to build capacity and generate problem solving strategies to resolve the original challenge.
That development of these skills maximises the effectiveness and efficiency of the leaders, thereby building Organisational Health.

Our Programs

Our Programs use experiential learning methodologies to provide customised, in-house training with the purpose of developing leadership and training management effectiveness within your organisation. Our programs are outcome based and solution focused. They identify what leaders are already doing well and explore how to leverage those aspects. They also identify performance gaps and work with leaders and managers to bridge those aspects of their practice that are less effective.

When it comes to their personal development, today’s business leaders reject the concept of formal, classroom-style programs as being the most effective. In contrast, real-life situations such as challenging assignments or tasks, the formation of relationships with others and the practical experience of hardships - both professional and personal - are seen to be more valuable in developing effective leadership skills and mindsets.*

Through True North Learning’s delivery of best-practice Experiential Learning, we can create “real-life” work environments and situations in which participants are able to learn and practice new, effective skill sets without adversely impacting business outcome.

There are three modules in our Healthy Leadership programs:


These modules are based on True North Learning’s philosophy of Organisational Health. We use the Eight Pillars of Organisational Health system to measure performance gaps and design training and development programs around these.

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*Douglas, C. (2003). Key events and lessons for managers in a diverse workforce. Greensboro, NC: Center for Creative

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