Graduate and Future Leaders

For a successful organisation, investing in its future leaders is imperative.
The True North Learning “Graduate and Future Leaders” program provides vital assistance in transitioning key employees from simply having expertise in the technical aspects of their role to embracing the skills of leadership and management.
As with all our programs, Experiential Learning methodologies are at the core of “Graduate and Future Leaders”.

How it works:

True North Learning will work with the client to develop graduates’ and future leaders’ fundamental skills, attitudes and mindsets and through this increase their capacity to grow and lead effectively.
The program inducts or brings on board new graduates or identified future leaders, embedding them into the culture, values and purpose of the organisation.

What the program delivers:

The program is part of the way your organisation can create a culture that rewards individuals with leadership potential with the opportunities to grow and advance their skills. Participants will gain awareness and engagement around:
  • the culture, values and purpose of the organisation;
  • the skills and behaviours they require to transition successfully into leadership and management roles

This module is based on True North Learning’s philosophy of Organisational Health. We use the Eight Pillars of Organisational Health system to measure performance gaps and design training and development programs around these.

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