Effective Project Management

The "Effective Project Management" program is based on the Fourth Dimension in Project Management (4dPM) Program. It can be run as a half, one or two day stand alone program. 
Traditionally, project management training has been centred on the task-based aspects of that role, eg scope, time, cost, risk, quality etc. While these are imperative to effective project management, True North Learning’s Effective Project Management training focuses on the people linking skills and leadership aspects of project management.

Additionally, in today’s business environment, projects are often comprised of “temporary” members, as part of teams that sit separate to the established organisational culture and business model. This can raise challenges such as member buy-in, managing a diverse team, building a unified vision, retaining talent for the life of the project and managing conflict.

How it works:

True North Learning’s Effective Project Management program recognises the unconventional needs and challenges of project leadership.  The program builds the project manager's capacity to focus on the behavioural and people linking aspects of the project team, in addition to the administrative and technical.

What the program delivers:

Project managers will learn:
  • an understanding of different personality traits and behavioural tendencies and how to get the best out of each
  • skills to manage conflict in a way that is proactive and effective
  • how to recognise the signs of stress (in themselves and others)
  • how to deal with ambiguity and change
  • how to motivate members and create a unified vision that retains project team members
  • skills to merge and align diverse organisational cultures
This module is based on True North Learning’s philosophy of Organisational Health. We use the Eight Pillars of Organisational Health system to measure performance gaps and design training and development programs around these.

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