Executive Coaching

Effective coaching is about achieving a high-performance culture.

Rather than being viewed as a tool for correcting poor performance, coaching as a proactive developmental or early intervention tool will act to remove the risk of undesirable leadership or management traits emerging.

How it works:

Using the Experiential Learning methodologies on which True North Learning programs are based, we work both with the team that surrounds the coachee and also one-on-one with the individual.

This enables the context, language and objectives of the team and individual to be aligned. The most effective individual results are derived when the individual, team and organisational contexts are consistent.

We build accountability into the structure and process of each coaching program.
Feedback and evaluation is provided to both the individuals being coached and the organisation, with a focus on continual improvement

What it delivers:

True North Learning’s “Executive Coaching” programs work to:
  • create a trusting and collaborative environment in which personal development and performance improvements occur;
  • promote reflection, self-discovery and openness to taking more effective actions;
  • encourage conversations focused on the coachee;
  • model a positive style of relating that can be followed outside the coaching environment;
  • promote focused discussions tied to the achievement of desired business results; and
  • provide a model for personal leadership development.

This program utilises the True North Learning proven Experiential Learning methodologies and complements the Leadership Development and Team Effectiveness programs.
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