Purpose and Vision development

True North Learning works with organisations and their leaders to create or re-visit a compelling organisational purpose - essential to support strategic decision-making, align expectations, build team effectiveness and support role clarity.

“Why” an organisation exists is more important than “what” it does or “how” it does it, but often key personnel lack knowledge of, or engagement with, the purpose of the business in which they operate, or have only a surface-level awareness of a mission statement that fails to resound or inspire.

What the module delivers:

Purpose and Vision development supports Organisational Health by:

  • Creating or re-visiting organisational purpose;
  • Giving leaders the skills to continually clarify, explore and illuminate the purpose;
  • Aligning team member performance to the organisational purpose;
  • Facilitating discussions about how behaviours and attitudes affect an organisation’s ability to align with its purpose;
  • Building understanding of how engagement with the purpose of an organisation empowers managers to lead, mentor and develop their teams in ways that make personal agendas secondary; and
  • Identifying and working through cultural divergences, where leader behaviours or team culture are inconsistent with the desired culture, values and organisational purpose.


This module is based on True North Learning’s philosophy of Organisational Heath. We use the Eight Pillars of Organisational Health system to measure performance gaps and design training and development programs around these.

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