Cultural Alignment

From an organisational perspective, "Culture" refers to "How we do things". It's the unsaid and assumed behavioural tendencies that create team and organisational outcomes.
Cultural Alignment programs are designed and delivered with the purpose of creating more effective and productive team cultures. They align individual, team and organisational behaviours to those required to create a high performing workplace.
Cultural Alignment supports teams and individuals in the adoption of behaviours and skills that align to the culture, values and purpose of the organisation. True North Learning's Cultural Alignment Programs identify performance gaps in the current culture. We work with clients to facilitate team member buy-in, skill development and implementation plans in order to build high perfomance cultures.
A successful Cultural Change program requires an emotional transformation as well as a rational justification. Experiential Learning methodologies are proven to be the most effective way of connecting both the rational and emotional drivers of change and align with the Behavioural Sciences approach that is driving personal accountability and, through that, business success in today’s Corporate environment.
True North Learning has a suite of Cultural Alignment Programs designed to optimise the effectiveness of your team and organisation:
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