What is it?

Your team is part of an elite special forces unit called ‘Z-Force’. You have just been dropped into the ‘Hot Zone’ and your mission is to extract intelligence, materials and personnel from the area by the deadline. Mustering all of your elite training, you need to make it to the final rendezvous point or risk mission failure.

How does it work?

The group has time to prepare and plan their exit from their current location to the exit point. Working with an ex military officer, they are given instructions on military maneuvers and strategy. The team is issued with a range of laser weapons with differing capabilities. Roles are determined and include, ‘Point’, ‘Intelligence’, ‘Interrogator’ and others.
During the exercise your team will encounter both friendly and hostile locals and will need to determine whether or not to ‘engage’. They will come under direct fire from a hostile, unknown group, from whom they will need to both defend themselves as they move to their objective, and launch offensive attacks. The final engagement will involve a fight to the death and will summon all prior training and experience to survive and complete the mission.
Success will require decisive leadership, clear and effective strategy, learning how to defeat the enemy, interdependent teamwork, understanding of roles and capabilities, tight systems and processes and, of course, clear and complete communication.
The team will operate with varying constraints and scenarios and will need to adapt quickly under the pressure of combat. The physical aspects of this program, combined with the pressure of operating when everything is on the line make for an unforgettable program that operates as a perfect metaphor for leadership and teamwork.  

What do you get?

  • Laser Tag Equipment, Facilitators, Event planning
  • First Aid and Insurances
  • Framing and debrief in line with your leadership and team development outcomes
Duration: 3 to 8 hours
Location: Outdoor, bush based setting.
Who should participate? Participant wanting an engaging and fun physical activity, or those who are looking to put leadership and teamwork through an interactive scenario. For teams of up to 40 participants.


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