What is it?

Outplay all other teams through the physical challenges. Out-think them in the puzzles and conundrums and Out-strategise them as you attempt to become the surviving team by the end of the Team Survivor challenge. Inspired by the TV show this activity is the perfect mix of action, strategy and stamina.


How does it work?

Teams compete in various physical and mental challenges. The challenges are organised so that no team has won until the challenge is over. For example you'll negotiate obstacle courses to get to the puzzle first, only to be beaten by a team that is slower over the obstacles, but faster with a puzzle.
Teams strategise by using 'Game Cards' that protect them at times and give them advantages at other times. Blindsides come out of nowhere and alliances are formed with other teams. But who really knows which team is with which? It will keep you guessing and playing until the end and the surviving team can come from anywhere. The format includes:
  • Each team names their tribe and receives the buffs
  • Teams play their game cards that force other teams to receive handicaps or even bonuses - this forms alliances and creates competition
  • A range of activities from physical challenges to conundrums and puzzles to skill testers to building elements such as catapults
  • Immunity challenges see your star player pitted against stars from other teams in one on one style showdowns
  • An all in final challenge sees every team competing at the same time for maximum points

What do you get?

  • Pre activity setup and planning
  • Challenges created to your choice - completely inclusive or a little more serious
Duration: Team Survivor runs for two to three hours
Location: Able to be run in almost any location - usually outdoors
Who should participate? Perfect for groups of 6 to 300

"I thought this was an amazing Day. True North were awesome and it was enjoyed by all." Supercheap Auto
Survivor Team Building Activity Survivor Team Building Activity
Survivor Team Building Activity Survivor Team Building Activity
Survivor Team Building Activity Survivor Team Building Activity
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