What is it?

Prepare yourself for a night of hysterics, dramatics and brutal cold blooded MURRRRDERRR. If a cold-blooded murder puts you off your food, we can organise this event without dinner!
Prepare for a thrilling night of interrogations, accusations and double crossings as everyone battles to solve the mystery of a gruesome crime. We direct and facilitate the night’s program and work with the groups to hook them into the story line and the characters so that as a Murder Mystery Guest you are treated to the crime of your life.

How does it work?

A murder has taken place and your group is there under false pretences. Your group’s genre varies from escapees on the run from the local criminally insane hospital laying low and attempting to blend in (not so successfully) dressed in clothes collected from various clothes lines to the members of “New and Better Nation” an ultra right wing new political movement with fascist connections and an enthusiasm for ‘God save the Queen”. Your group may be sitting next door to the Western Shin Boners, record wooden spoon losers, hell bent on revenge against certain members of the restaurant including the victim. Their group IQ added up is in the teens and ‘trailer trash’ would be an upgrade – getting them to remove their footy boots at the door was a real effort and if only they would stop singing that damn club song and staring at the super models table from Alabama USA…get the picture?

Begin by meeting some of the most outlandish and interesting characters from your own team. Motives pop up. Clues are discovered. Now the fun really begins. Who committed this terrible crime?

Question suspects as you work to solve the crime, and get questionable help from our comic detective along the way. As the night unfolds, groups are given individual clues, obituaries and other tangible items that will assist them in solving what at first seems a dastardly and daring murder. The group is immersed in an unforgettable whodunit and each group member is a murder suspect who is treated to a colourful, entertaining night of drama, laughs and suspense that is interspersed through your evening meal.

Our unique formula means that the evening is not dependent on one or two people playing characters – literally everyone is involved!  Each group member is a suspect and has a motive and a deep dark secret. Will they survive the Lie Detector?

What do you get?

  • Facilitators and Actors
  • AV and Music
  • Decoration suggestions
  • Special awards and Props
  • Sleuthing materials
  • Team directions
  • Information about venue set up
  • Optional costumes
Duration:  Perfect as an evening entertainment – Up to 3 hours
Location: Able to be run in almost any location
Who should participate? Very scalable and perfect for groups of 6 to 80
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