What is it?

Collaboration and innovation are key to any successful business as they are in International Pipeline.  In this exciting project teams must build a pipeline that can transport a payload.

How does it work?

Teams are given a limited set of materials and a budget to complete an International Pipeline project. They must negotiate for territory, handle border crossing infringements, manage a budget to obtain materials needed to transport the payload, build to quality and safety standards, and complete the project within a limited time frame.
Some teams will need to collaborate, some will have all the resources they need. Some teams will execute a perfect strategy while some will fall down on the testing and quality needed to complete the project successfully. One thing is for sure, even with the same brief, constraints and access to expertise and materials, there will not be one pipeline project handled the same way as another!      

As teams construct the massive pipeline, it becomes a metaphor for co-operation, innovation and problem solving, project management and strategy execution. This activity can be run as an engaging conference activity for large and small groups, or as a developmental program with many learning outcomes.  

What do you get?

  • Activity Equipment, Facilitators, Event planning
  • First Aid and Insurances
  • Fun or outcomes based setup and debrief
Duration: One to two hours
Location: Outdoors or indoors
Who should participate? Very scalable and perfect for groups of 6 to 300. A perfect conference fun activity and energiser or a developmental program

"Your team activities challenged people to think, to act quickly, to work together, to trust each other and to be courageous. An event that does all this in one day is brilliant. People are already asking me when we can do it again." Sanofi Aventis     
Pipeline Team Building Activity True North Learning   Pipeline Team Building Activity True North Learning
Pipeline Team Building Activity   Pipeline Team Building Activity True North Learning

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