What is it?

You’ve played Xbox & Wii games, now it is time to LIVE them! We bring the real battlefield to you. Using our sophisticated gaming guns and inflatable battlefield we create an ‘instant’ maze ready for mock missions, just like a live computer game. Our gaming guns an have authentic look, weight, size, sound and muzzle flash but no projectiles, meaning it’s safe and great fun for everyone – with no bruises!

How does it work?

We execute missions that challenge you to assault and hold a base, patrol a path, escort VIPs or role-play other military / law enforcement scenarios. Each person carries their own weapon.  Each weapon has its unique features – from sniper to machine gun, pistol to semi automatic.

Missions can be run in open bushland or in our inflatable maze complete with 2 metre high walls and pill boxes. Rotate the laser tag with other activities to create an event  that has a mixture of combat, intelligence and physical challenges.

What do you get?

Duration: Up to three hours
Location: Able to be run in almost any location, usually outdoors
Who should participate? Very scalable and perfect for groups of 6 to 300, looking for a fun conference activity or developmental program. Battlefield Live is designed for large corporate groups and anyone can play at any physical level they choose.

"I cannot thank Errol and Helen enough for what they put into the day for us. I had so much positive feedback from the team. Thank you once again for everything." Dominos

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