Art Team Building
What is it?

Discover your internal Picaso and allow everyone's talent to shine with our popular art team building programs. The programs are hands on, skill-based workshops, where participants work in teams to paint, sculpt and draw their own masterpieces. Our very own professional artist takes participants through a process that fosters creating something that is their own unique design, includes input from all members and other teams, and allows meanings and concepts to be explored in abstract and metaphorical ways. The programs are most commonly requested for the program are to:
  • encourage creative thinking and innovation
  • strengthen team collaboration
  • support change management initiatives
  • or simply to have fun with something completely different
'Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.' Pablo Picaso

How does it work?

Participants are led through a process that builds confidence in their own artistic and creative abilities. Starting with simple creative challenges using paper, pencils and even play dough (some would say their favourite part of the day!) we work our way up to making the final masterpieces.  People work individually, in pairs and in different teams which means there is plenty of interaction throughout the day.

The context is customised to the group and moves at the pace that they work best at. The program is very flexible. It can be fast paced and highly engaging for those wanting an exciting, different and purely fun activity, themed around key messages, or debriefed by professional organsational facilitators for those who have developmental goals or areas to work through.

The 'culture' of the program is aimed at collaboration instead of competition, promotion of understanding over judgement, appreciation of different perceptions, skills and talents often unseen in the workplace. It often asks participants to do things and think completely outside of their normal workday roles. 

At the conclusion of the program you take the artworks with you, or we can 'finish' them off professionally and send them back to you after the event. Most organisations love to hang or display the art pieces in foyers, board rooms and team areas. 

What do you get?

Turn your conference room into a complete art studio, we take care of everything. Drop sheets, canvasses, paints and all painting materials, smocks and covers.

Professional Artists and Qualified Senior Facilitators, planning, activity equipment, outcomes in line with organisational / team outcomes, insurances and WHS analysis, location / venue suggestions, post activity report if required.
Duration: Two to four hours
Location: Able to be run in almost any location, usually indoors 
Who should participate? Very scalable and perfect for groups of 6 to 400, looking for a fun conference activity or developmental program.
"Having no idea how the day was going to be received by participants I was glad to see the excitement, motivation and the eagerness by the staff. All I got was positive remarks on what a great idea and great afternoon had by all."  Recochem

Art Team Building Activity   Art Team Building Activity
Art Team Building Activity   Art Team Building Activity
Art Team Building Activity   Art Team Building Activity
Art Team Building Activity   Art Team Building Activity

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