By True North Learning Director and Senior Facilitator Errol Amerasekera
Contrary to some general opinion, financial compensation is only one of many reasons that keeps talented people within an organisation or draws them to it. While focusing on financial arrangements may be one of the simplest solutions to staff retention / attraction challenges it can take the manager’s focus off other – more important and more complicated – reasons why people choose to come, stay or go.Here is a list of what we believe to be seven fundamental reasons why talented people leave organisations or are attracted to them:
  1. Clarity of the organisation’s purpose and how an individual’s role and behaviour is aligned to that purpose.
  2. A structured and formal feedback process and regular performance review.
  3. Clear career development pathways with opportunities to pursue roles and projects that are aligned to their personal purpose, Values and goals.
  4. Strong systems, culture and skills to manage conflict in proactive and effective ways.
  5. Leadership that sets clear expectations and then coaches, mentors and supports team members in their achievement.
  6. A culture of responsibility and accountability (as opposed to “pass-the-buckism”), where talent, initiative, hard work and high performance is supported and recognised at every level of the organisation.
  7. Ensuring that the role an individual is placed in is appropriate to their personality and behavioural tendencies and also is aligned to their personal beliefs, goals and purpose.

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