Below are some questions we're often asked about our services. Many of them relate to Team Building. If we haven't answered your question below, feel free to contact us on 1300 433 112 or email - info@truenorthlearning.com.au.
How long are your programs?
We can run anything from a 15 minute icebreaker or energiser through to a multi day program. Most of our team building programs are for half or a full day and our Experiential Learning and Development or facilitated programs are usually for a day or more. Our Developmental programs can run for over a year or more.
Can you customise an event for our company?
Most of our programs are customised in some way. Whether that's location, time, inclusions, key messages or outcomes, we always start by understanding the purpose of your event and build it from there.
Will the whole team be able to participate?
We aim to provide activities that are inclusive, accessible for your team and affordable. We don't push activities on people and have a rule of 'participation by choice'. If learning outcomes are involved, our facilitation focuses on taking you to the 'edge' of your learning - but not to the point of discomfort which inhibits learning and participation. We are able to provide programs for most physical capabilities.
Where do you run most of your events and workshops?
We operate Australia wide and also overseas. Our head office is on the Gold Coast and we have a local team in Sydney and Melbourne. In the past year we have travelled to the USA, New Zealand and Thailand for programs.

Can you come to our business and discuss the options?
Of course! Our preference is to meet with you face to face to plan any program.
What else do you organise?
We have relationships with catering, audio visual and theming companies as well as photographers, videographers and transport companies. Of course we are in touch with many venues so can easily refer you to those that are most appropriate for your event.
If specialised or large scale event management services are needed we may refer you to Professional Conference Organisers (PCOs) who specialise in putting together and managing the event on your behalf.
Can you deliver something with learning outcomes that will help improve our team?
That's what we're all about. Our strength is in Experiential Learning and all of our options are designed to mix participant enjoyment with real team learning for those clients who want it. Some team building events are run just for the fun of it, but the majority of our programs have a learning element - from a simple 5 minute debrief at the end of the program to a comprehensive and powerful structured facilitation process that guides the entire program.
What about inclement weather.
Our programs are designed to be run both indoors and outdoors. We always have the option of an indoor backup program that can be rolled out in minutes just for that added security.
What's the smallest group you cater to?
Our Executive Coaching options are one on one, however, our smallest teams are usually around 5 to 6 people.
What's the largest size groups you cater to?
For experiential Learning programs groups work effectively from the 10 to 30 mark. Once we get beyond that we usually involve additional facilitators, or split the group into sub groups with the aim of delivering a consistent program in both groups. We can deliver experiential conference workshops for up to 500 and team building events for up to 600 people with our own team.
Can you run programs for mixed culture and maybe even mixed language groups.
We have considerable experience dealing with multinational groups, often from diverse cultures and sometimes without English as a shared, common language. With enough notice we can even offer translation services as part of our delivery.
Do you operate on weekends, evenings or at other unusual times?
I've got some ideas but I don't really know what I want. Can you help?
A very large number of our clients appreciate our help and guidance - not only in selecting the right activity, but also in defining what the workshop / event needs to target in the first place. Whether you have a good idea of what you are looking for from your event or are just starting to research the options with a completely blank page, we're here to help.
Can you provide references?
We have many clients who have been with us for years, with a variety of services. We can provide appropriate references if you require them. Testimonials are listed on our web site.
Are you insured?
Of course. We carry $10 million public liability insurance and $10 million professional indemnity insurance. We're happy to provide documentary evidence should you need it.
Why don't you show prices on your web pages?
Most of our programs are customised in some way. Our options are priced differently depending on the different equipment, numbers of people, locations etc. We do have standard pricing but sometimes people come to us with certain budgets that may allow us to add more or mean that we have to change the program in some way to fit that budget. If you're not sure what to expect just ask us and we'll start with our standard pricing.
What should I wear to one of your programs?
It depends on the program. Usually we prefer comfortable clothes and sensible closed toe shoes. We provide all safety and personal protective gear if that is needed.
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