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Dr Errol Amerasekera - DirectorDr Errol Amerasekera - Director, Senior Facilitator

Dr Errol Amerasekera B.Sc, B.App.Sci (Chiro), MACFOC, is a Business Consultant, Trainer, Senior Facilitator and Director at True North Learning. He has worked with organisations, schools, NGO's, as well as in international war zones such as Sri-Lanka. He applies his business management experience in Australia and overseas to assist organisations manage the complex and competing demands of building successful enterprises. He is passionate about creating a safer and more just world for all by mediating conflict, coaching ethical leadership, and facilitating transformation in individuals, communities and organisations.
Errol holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change.
  • Organisational Health strategies
  • Team development, change and transformation
  • Facilitating leadership and vision creation
  • Conflict management and training
  • Diversity-based training and facilitation 

Vanessa ToyVanessa Toy - Senior Facilitator, Executive Coach

Vanessa Toy MAppSc (OD), AdvCert (Facilitation) brings over 12 years experience in leadership, organisational development, human resources, facilitation, training and conflict management.
Her coaching work draws on the paradigms of systems psychodynamics, process oriented psychology, human resources development, neuroscience and communications theory. She has a strong capacity to understand and work with organisation and group dynamics that have a profound impact on performance, collaboration, workplace culture, innovation and the capacity to lead and adapt to change. Her approach creates an environment that allows people to let go of certainty long enough to experiment with new ways of thinking and operating.
  • Leadership and management coaching
  • Performance improvement coaching
  • Conflict coaching and multi-party conflict management


Rob StonesRob Stones - Senior Facilitator, Executive Coach

Rob Stones B.Ed., Dip P.E., F.A.I.M., Cert R.T. provides a confidential consultancy to clients from a variety of spheres, and also offers a wide range of training and development solutions for individuals, businesses and schools. Much of his work involves the management of change, or the development of new workplace and leadership cultures. He provides leadership and executive coaching, self and peer assessment, team and leadership development and innovative workshop facilitation.
Rob is an Instructor with the William Glasser Institute, and in this capacity he presents intensive workshops in Reality Therapy and Choice Theory.
  •     Executive and Personal Coaching.
  •     Leadership Development at all levels.
  • Use of the MBTI in individual and team development.
  • 360degree feedback and other ‘assessment for development’ processes.
  • Choice Theory and Reality Therapy.
  • Workshop facilitation that is tailored to client needs               

Cristina Sword - Senior Facilitator

Cristina Sword has been helping individuals and teams reach their full potential for over a decade.
Originally trained as a physiotherapist, Cristina found her passion within the network marketing industry in 1999 and quickly built a large team of independent business owners, eventually having one of the largest networks in the country.
In recent years, she has worked within the recruitment industry as an internal coach for business teams and has recently joined the True North Learning team in order to continue to work with companies and individuals in helping them clarify and achieve their purpose and goals.

True North Learning Team Building Facilitator Amani Sparks Amani Sparks - Art Program Director

As Director of our Art Team Building programs Amani is passionate about helping people discover their inner creativity, especially to audiences for whom art is not a part of their normal daily lives. Originally from the UK, Amani brings the culture, history and sophistication of the UK and Europe's most prestigious galleries to our Art Team Building events. Amani has a 1st Class BA Honours in Fine Art, a Post Graduate Degree in Education, continues to work as a commissioned artist in various projects and has exhibited works in exhibitions around the UK and Europe.
As a talented practicing artist, Amani is able to relate to anyone who believes they still cannot draw - even a stick man! She has designed our art programs with a corporate audience in mind. There is no judgement of anyone's artistic talent which make them accessible to almost anybody. Focusing on the visual outcomes as well as linking the outcomes back to the workplace is what makes the programs relevant to our corporate clients. Her belief that, once people get their hands into paint or on a canvas they will get much more out of it than they thought possible, has proven to be true program after program.

Andy Balzat - Facilitator and Operations Manager

Andy has a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Behavioural Science. He loves his facilitation work with us as it is not only fun a varied, but also gives him an opportunity to observe people and group dynamics with a purpose. Andy has an ability to read, understand and relate to people from almost any walk of life. Andy is an enormously creative talent. He not only contributes to the ongoing development of our  programs, but provides creative development work for aspects of our digital design, marketing collateral and program documentation. And to round out the creative and entertaining aspects  of his personality Andy is the keyboardist and backup vocalist for Brisbane band The Belligerents. For those that have done programs conducted by Andy they will be able to say they knew him before he got famous!
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