The Eight Pillars of Organisational Health Workshop, Brisbane

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Challenging times require organisations to become a more efficient...

At True North Learning our purpose is to work with organisations and their leaders to support them to make their business more efficient by building Organisational Health

Organisational Health is a philosophical and strategic approach to business that supports organisations to deliver the maximum return on their three key resources - money, people and time. It therefore supports the ability of organisations to achieve operational excellence in short-term performance based measurements whilst adding to, rather than detracting from, the long term viability of the organisation.

True North Learning’s Organisational Health system is a holistic and integrated approach to organisational development. We appreciate that because of the connectivity and interrelatedness of the various aspects of organisational effectiveness, no one aspect can be looked at in isolation. We view organisational challenges and under-performance as a symptom of a lack of capacity in one or (usually) more of only eight key elements of Organisational Health.

We specialise in creating Experiential Learning programs that incorporate activities and simulations to identify gaps within these eight elements and generate problem-solving strategies around these.

Experiential Learning has been delivering knowledge through direct experience for more than two decades and is part of the Behavioural Sciences evolution that is driving excellence in business today.

True North Learning specialises in building Organisational Health with our programs in: 

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